Catch Me If You Can (By Steven Spielberg)

Character: Frank Abagnale Jr. Played By: Leonardo DiCaprio

This character is a non-fictional character. In the movie, in his late teens and early twenties he was portrayed at tall, skinny, with brown hair and dark eyes. He was witty and fast thinking with all the traits of a con artist. At ages 16-21 he had stolen  2.5 million dollars with forged checks in about 26 countries.

He is a protagonist to the watchers but to the FBI he is a simple antagonist given he’s on the FBI’s most wanted list.

This characters is absolutely a dynamic character. At 16 he started forging checks to help save his family from debt but when he was captured and eventually bailed out by an FBI agent he was sentenced to serve him working with the FBI in the forgery department and out of story he now owns a fraud consultancy firm.

I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes because I think I’d get caught too easily and probably not given the benefits that he was given. I’d probably end up being in jail for the rest of my life. Though I have to admit from ages 16-21 being a lawyer, doctor, and airplane pilot must have been fun identities to fake.


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